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Bookkeeping. Taxes. Finance. Economics.
Services and consultative:
Business plans and projects elaboration according to EU Structural requirements and standards. Other supporting document preparation: acts, reports, orders and contract.
Financial statements inspection and verification.
Financial reporting, including management and consolidation needs.
Financial position analysis and financial information for management decisions.
Insolvency of natural persons and documents to court.
Physical entity Insolvency plan preparation for insolvency of natural person proceedings.
Annual report preparation and presentation.
Accounting, financial and tax advice.
Accounting documents and reports execution and printout.
Accounting is based, and reports are prepared in accordance with Latvian laws and regulations or the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) requirements using modern software.
Accountancy body includes accounting and tax accounting system, document circulation system, accounting automation, staff training and instruction on accounting matters.
Internal audit services and work with auditors.
Legal person audit, insolvency, liquidation, bankruptcy - preparing documents and submitting them in court.
Necessary financial document preparation for receiving credits.
Loan processing to mortgage.
Re-crediting the credit, debt cancellation.
Advice on taxation and economic issues.
Record-keeping agreements, reports, evaluations, submissions and claim preparation and drafting.
Web development, design and program.
Tax calculation and optimization.
Non-standard situation settlement.
Operative financial statement preparing.
Fixed assets, inventories, debtor, creditor and other position accountancy.
Representation in state, local governments, financial institutions and legal processes.
Staff and record keeping documentation development for services provided within.
Personnel records, salaries, vacation, sick pay calculation.
The pre-litigation debt collection, debt collection through the courts.
An initial examination of the accounting forms, the processing and registration of accounting records.
Cash accounting.
Statistical report preparation and submission in Central Statistical Bureau of Latvia.
Judicial expertise in accounting and auditing documentary.
The company's accounting policy preparation and consultation based on the client's business nature.
The company's representation in the tax office, tax issues, comparing reports.
Enterprise registration and legal service.
All necessary reports (value added tax declaration, annual report, residents and business income tax declarations) preparation and submission in the State
Revenue Service territorial institutions and other state and selfgovernment institutions.
Business cards, stamps, brochures, logo design through the registration.
All types of translation with and without notarial certificatio

Avelex specialists provides professional accounting, tax, financial, and economic consultation and services to companies, foreign branches and agencies in Latvia, individuals and economic operators from the original documents to the processing of tax returns and preparing and presenting with the help of EDS

To achieve our goals we stick to clients interests and follow the legislation and normative acts of Republic of Latvia as well as legislation and normative acts of European Union.