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Court. The concept of judicial power. The specific principles in administrative cases and civil cases. >>>>>

LEXINFO – legal services and advice: 
Jurisprudence. Bookkeeping. Taxes. Education.

*Preparation of a legal conclusion
*Preparation of schemes for the legal transaction
*Preparation of the application of the general or the special litigation order
*Representation in court
*Next to the complaint and counterclaim preparation
*Preparing the response to the complaint, a reminder, pre-warning
*Appeal and cassation planning
*Preparation of various procedural documents
*Challenge an arbitration award (the application)
*Debt collection 
*The debt sale to another creditor (transfer) 
*Statements regarding the debtor's debt level and the calculation was, penalty and statutory interest calculation 
*Claim - a reminder of the preparation
*Commitment unchallenged coercive enforcement 
*Preparation of the insolvency application 
*Representation at the meeting of creditors

Language: LV

How to order your chosen legal information:
SMS price for a contract or document example
In order to receive the selected service of legal information it's necessary to send a message with text: LEXINFO S on number: 144

1. Select the necessary document or agreement.
2. Send a message with the code.
3. After a few seconds you will receive a reply message with code.
4. Activate this code by entering it into the free gap, and you will receive a full text of the document or agreement.
5. Save this document in your computer.

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At AVELEX home page you have an opportunity to receive qualified legal services, complete information about your rights and obligations in the field of civil rights, labor law, family law, commercial law and other fields of law, physical entity and legal entity rights and obligations complete legal interpretation.
Legal advice at Avelex office from 30.00 EUR (view  Price list)