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Administrative law. The concept of an administrative violation. Administrative penalty and the types of sanctions.
Adoption. The concept of adoption and execution procedures.
Apartment. Buying an apartment. Transaction execution order and process.
Apartment. Selling an apartment. Transaction execution order and process.
Apartments for rent and legal relations. Rental contract entities, conditions and deadlines.
Appeals. Civil proceedings on appeal. Appeal.
Arbitrage. Judgment of the court of arbitration concept and types.
Assignment. Statutory assignment. Court's assignment. An assignment for a legal transaction.
Auto purchase. Operational and financial agreement.


Benefits. Types of state social benefits. On regular basis pied state social benefits. Conditions and criteria of receiving benefits.
Business carried on the legal foundations. Merchant and commercial activity. Business unit and the registration UR
Buyer protection on purchases of goods and services.


Disability pension. Design procedure and the calculation formula.
Donation. By way of donation, the legal aspects of the operation and conditions.


Change. Exchange contract. Design policies and procedures.
Citizen ship and migration matters. Residence permit. Residence registration
Claim legal procedure. Claim provision means. Claim provision before pursuing and order of proceedings.
Commercial Law. The company's concept and business forms. Individual merchant. General partnership. Limited partnership. Corporation. LTD. J
Company's contract. Entrepreneur and client obligations and rights in the company's contract.
Compensation and debt recovery processes. Debt collection. Obligations on a no contestation basis coercive enforcement. Claims legal proceed
Competition law. Competition council. Prohibition of unfair competition. Merger control.
Construction law. Construction process documents, procedures and regulations.
Consumer rights and responsibilities and their explanations. Protection of borrowers.
Consumer rights and their protection. Consumer rights protection center functions.
Contract preparation and follow-up. Parties. Subject of contract. Ancillary to the contract provisions. The consequences of agreement.
Contractual succession. Inheritance of the benefits of testamentary and legal succession.
Court. The concept of judicial power. The specific principles in administrative cases and civil cases.
Credits. Mortgage banking and consumer credit. Interest rates. The main criteria for the granting of credit and the receipt.
Custody. Parental rights and responsibilities of representing the children of his personal and property relations.
The concept of contract. The types of contract.